Mika Snaps Selfie As 'Morning Joe' Laughs Off Obama's

Joe Scarborough made a point of mentioning that until today, his MSNBC show hadn't discussed the Obama selfie at the memorial service for Nelson Mandela.  Morning Joe's way too highbrow for that kind of stuff, don't you know, particularly when it might reflect badly on Barack Obama.

But when the crew finally got around to it today, opinion from Joe to Mika to Ed Rendell to Thomas Roberts was unanimous: there was nothing to criticize.  Mika made her point by seeking to snap a selfie with Scarborough, as Joe jokingly showed her the hand.  View the video after the jump.

Opinions can vary on the incident.  The Morning Joe panel might have thought it was nothing, but the photos below seem to make clear that First Lady Michelle Obama was not amused by her husband's antics. The panel never mentioned Mrs. Obama's frosty reaction.  I'll be back with the transcript.







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