Chris Matthews: 'Pissant' Of Boehner To Blame Inaction On Divided Government

Martin Bashir was fired from MSNBC this week for his ugly scatalogical suggestion about Sarah Palin. But there was Chris Matthews on the same network this morning using a barnyard epithet to attack another Republican. On today's Morning Joe, Matthews called John Boehner's comments on divided government "pissant."

That p-word has apparently become a favorite Matthews meme in attacking Republicans.  MRC's Tim Graham recently noted that Matthews used it against Rand Paul. View the video after the jump.

Matthews was on Morning Joe to promote his college town hall interview this evening of President Obama. Will Matthews be anywhere near as tough tonight on the president as he was this morning on one of the president's main political opponents?

CHRIS MATTHEWS: I'm also going to talk about what Boehner said, the Speaker, who said we can't get nothing done because we got a divided government in this country. Well, darn it, we're going to have a divided country for the rest of our lives. There's not going to be a one party state. This isn't going to be Idi Amin's Uganda, with one party. There's going to be two parties and some parties are going to control the House and some the Senate and some the White House. And it's very odd to have a sustained period--we don't wan't a sustained period in this country where one party running all three. And so, get used to it, guys.  You gotta compromise. And Boehner's wrong. Divided government is not an excuse for doing nothing. We had successful compromises in the past. We've gotten stuff done. This is just pissant to blame this failure of our government to move--and the 9% approval rating of the Congress--on the fact that it's divided.