Deutsch's Fear: Failed Obamacare Will Set Big Government Back 'For A Generation'

After my animated description of President Obama's strangely listless conference call of yesterday, my wonderful wife encouraged me to be kind.  

So let me say something sympathetic about Donny Deutsch. Sure, he's a member of the Manhattan/Hamptons liberal axis.  But I sense he's more of a old-fashioned Dem, someone, for example, who embraces American exceptionalism.  So when on today's Morning Joe the adman admitted that the Obamacare failure might set back progressive government for an entire generation, it's noteworthy. Adding to liberal heartburn, Howard Fineman later said  "I sort of agree with Donny" and that Obamacare could be a "huge disaster for Democrats."  View the video after the jump.

Is this indeed a watershed moment, when liberal utopianism runs into reality and is exposed as hopeless fantasy?  I'd like to think that big government will be banished for a generation, but let's remember Bill Clinton's 1996 pronouncement that the "era of big government is over."  In fact, it never went away and only continued to grow.

I'll be back with the transcript.