Schultz's Brainy Boast: 'Only' 24% Of Virginians Made ObamaCare #1 Issue

If on Election Day 2014, 24% of Americans make Obamacare their #1 issue, Dems would be staring at a massive defeat.

But keen political analyst Ed Schultz, doing an endzone dance over Terry McAuliffe's victory, absolutely exulted today over the fact that "only" 24% of Virginians put Obamacare at the top of their issue list.  Ken Cuccinelli closed a double-digit deficit down to three fingernail-biting points last night thanks to Obamacare.  Extrapolate that kind of effect across the country and you have a tidal wave sweeping Dems out of office.  But good old Ed gloated over the "only" 24%. View the video after the jump.

Reflect on Ed's analytical prowess--and the kind of disaster awaiting Dems if Obamacare continues to be that dominant of an issue.


ED SCHULTZ: You know, it's interesting. Of all the voters in Virginia last night, only 24% of them said that Obamacare was their number one issue. You know what the number one issue was? Putting jobs first. Terry McAuliffe knows the narrative . . . Remember, it was Republican candidate Ken Cuccinelli who said the Virginia governor's race was a referendum on ObamaCare.

KEN CUCCINELLI: Tomorrow in Virginia is a referendum on ObamaCare.

SCHULTZ: Oh, yeah. And he brought in Marco Rubio and a host of other Republicans to say that this is the first election post-Obamacare passing. This is our chance. You know what? He couldn't have been any further off the mark. The House has voted 43 times to get rid of ObamaCare.. What has that done? It's been a news story. And so now you've got Cuccinelli out there saying, you know, if we had just had a little bit more attention on ObamaCare, because these stories on ObamaCare over the last few weeks were really starting to resonate with voters and they realized how bad, really? Three out of four of them didn't make that as their number-one issue! I would say that Ken Cuccinelli did not have a very good staff, had some real bad research.