'Very, Very Major' Social Media Site Co-Founder: Obamacare Technology 'Sucks'

Don't take it from conservatives.  The co-founder of a "very, very major social-media site" has said the criticism of the Obamacare website is fair because the "technology sucks."

So reported Willie Geist on today's Morning Joe, telling panelists that the person he interviewed was co-founder of a site so major that they would all know it and might have it open on their computers as he spoke. View the video after the jump.


Social media founders aren't generally considered to be conservative types, so this sounds like an unbiased assessment from someone who should know.  And if indeed the technology "sucks," then can repairing "glitches" fix things, or are we looking at a total reboot?  And if that is so, how long will it take and what will be the ripple effects as people are unable to sign up, insurers don't get data, etc., etc.  When can we expect President Obama to announce a postponement of the individual mandate? 

If Obamacare has lost Facebook/Twitter, has it lost America?

WILLIE GEIST: I was interviewing last night at an event one of the co-founders of a very, very major social media site that you all know and may have open on your computers. And I said, are we being fair here? Am I missing something? He said, no, they had two-and-a-half years to figure this out; to build a site that would work, and as you said, there were going to be problems in the beginning, but you have things in place to fix that. And he said, frankly, the government's technology sucks.

Mark Finkelstein
Mark Finkelstein
Mark Finkelstein is a contributing editor for NewsBusters.