Kinda Creepy Email From Obama Organization Targets Deadbeat Donors Like Me

As a blogger, I subscribe to the email lists of some organizations whose goals I do not, shall we say,  necessarily embrace.  Among them is Organizing For Action, the successor to the 2012 Obama campaign.  As you can imagine, although I read OFA's messages with interest, I don't succumb to its frequent appeals for funds.

You might think OFA might let me loaf along in peace, but no.  Just now arrived an email I'd call kind of creepy.  Start with the subject line [emphasis added throughout]: "Mark: Not an OFA donor".  Whoah: so this is more than just a generic pitch to all freeloaders: they're calling me out by name! The body of the message informs me that "according to the records associated with this exact email address," I haven't donated.  "Exact email address"? Yikes!  They've got me nailed dead to rights!  More after the jump.

Now, the email's opening line does ask me "is everything cool?"  See, that's how we Dem hipsters check in with each other.  A GOP message might inquire "I say, old chum, has our rapport gone awry?"

And maybe I'm getting paranoid, but there does seem to be a bit of passive aggressiveness in the email's PS: "Any donation you make today gets you added to the official OFA Donor Wall -- our way of recognizing the people who are stepping up at this critical time." 

Translation: you're not stepping up--Mark, you deadbeat.

Mark Finkelstein
Mark Finkelstein
Mark Finkelstein is a contributing editor for NewsBusters.