Chris Hayes, Closet Cruz Fan? Latest 'Lean Forward' Promo Makes You Wonder

Could Chris Hayes, the eggheady MSNBC host, be a secret admirer of conservative firebrand Ted Cruz?  The question arises in light of Hayes' new "Lean Forward" promo.

In it, Hayes hails those with "the courage to look power in the eye and say 'no.'"  Quick: in the current political context, who comes to mind?  View the video after the jump.

Seriously, who else could Hayes have been thinking of?  Barack Obama?  The man who looked Bashar Assad in the eye and said "uh, if Vladimir says it's OK, guess you can remain in power"?

CHRIS HAYES: You know, the most powerful thing a person can do is say "no." And the most powerful moments of social resistance we've seen, that have given birth to the greatest progress we've seen, are people who somehow, whether it's Rosa Parks in the bus, or a striking worker on the picket line, people who have somehow found this inner courage and peace to be able to look power in the eye and say "no." And when that courage is shown, everything afterwards changes.

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