Scarborough: 'I Love Hillary'; Frets Media Might Not Give Her Fair 2016 Shake

On today's Morning Joe, after proclaiming "I love Hillary," Joe Scarborough fretted that the media might not give her a fair shake in 2016.  

Scarborough claimed that although the media has been biased against Republicans, "I've never seen the media more biased against any single candidate than they were Hillary Clinton in 2007 and 2008." Howard Dean chimed in to predict that the media will indeed give Hillary a "rough ride" in 2016. Right.  View the video after the jump.

Let's begin by asking why Scarborough would "love" Hillary.  I suppose a conservative might give her credit for surviving Bill Clinton.  But beyond that, "it takes a village" Hillary is the embodiment of big-government liberalism.  She is the godmother of the abominable ObamaCare.  She has failed to come clean on Benghazi.  So why the love, Joe?

As for the notion that come 2016, the media might be tough on Hillary, particularly when it comes to the general election?  Puh-lease.  


JOE SCARBOROUGH: In late May of 2007, everybody that came on was 100% certain it was going to be Giuliani versus Clinton. Everybody from the South, everybody from the West, everybody from both ideological sides, everybody knew it was going to be Giuliani and Clinton and, of course, we got neither. So I, I, you know, I love Hillary and I can't imagine anybody coming between her and the presidency this time but, you know, there's a long, long way to go.

WILLIE GEIST: The difference, though, is I don't think there's a Barack Obama who's going to emerge, a flaming supernova if you will, to come on to the scene and sort of steal her moment.

DONNY DEUTSCH: The thing that's going to automatically give her--there will be a very formidable opponent because the media will make it as such, otherwise there will be no story.


DEUTSCH: So, whoever that is --

SCARBOROUGH: Hey, Donny, that's the question, that is the question about Hillary Clinton. The media savaged Hillary Clinton. I always said the media was biased against Republicans and they have been biased against Republicans. I've never seen the media more biased against any single candidate than they were Hillary Clinton in 2007 and 2008. The question is, does the media give Hillary a fair shot next time? Is the media biased towards Hillary next time to compensate for 2008?

HOWARD DEAN: The answer is no, they don't give her a fair shot because the media is biased against frontrunners. That's what they do. They're biased against all frontrunners and she's going to have a rough ride in the media because of that. The media believes it is their job to make sure nobody gets a coronation.