An MSNBC Kind Of Candidate: Weiner Says He's 'Leaning Forward'

MSNBC and Anthony Weiner: made for each other like a frank and a bun?

Today's New York Daily News reports that when NYC mayoral candidate Weiner got into an argument on the campaign trail yesterday, he boasted that despite his mistakes, "I am still gonna be out there leaning forward."  "Lean Forward" is of course MSNBC's lefty slogan, featured in many promos that NB has analyzed, as here and here.  More after the jump.

I don't recall politicians talking about "leaning forward" prior to MSNBC making the phrase famous.  So was Weiner sending a "subliminable" message to the network, letting MSNBC know he's their kind of guy?  And if you were Weiner's campaign consultant, might you advise him to avoid the expression—and the disturbing imagery it could bring to the mind of voters?


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