Barnicle: Women 'Better Balanced, Have Better Judgment' Than Men

Looks like Mike Barnicle's not going to let anyone get to his PC-left when it comes to women.

On today's Morning Joe, Barnicle claimed that "a lot of men . . . fear the fact—and I think it's a fact—that women are better balanced than men.  They have better judgment about things than a lot of men."  Barnicle's comment during a discussion about the statement made yesterday by Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant that the decline in educational outcomes for children today is due to the entry of women into the workforce.  View the video after the jump.

Could an expert of feminism and political correctness kindly enlighten us?  Is it more PC to say that women and men are identical, or are sex-specific differences OK to acknowledge?  If the latter, is there anything other than brute strength at which it would be safe for Barnicle to suggest that men might be better than women?

MIKE BARNICLE: If you listen, if you listen, if you pay attention to the way the world works today and has worked for some time, some men—maybe a lot of men, actually—the higher they get in whatever industry they're in—fear the fact—and I think it's a fact--that women are better balanced than men. They have better judgment about things than a lot of men. And I think it's not an economic thing. I don't think men fear women's economic power. They fear their balance. Women are balanced. Men aren't. Look at me: I'm not balanced.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Willie, do you think Mika's balanced?

WILLIE GEIST: Incredibly so.  


GEIST: She is!

SCARBOROUGH: That's the correct answer.

Mark Finkelstein
Mark Finkelstein
Mark Finkelstein is a contributing editor for NewsBusters.