Scarborough On Harry Reid Quoting Him On Senate Floor: There Goes My Republican Primary!

With his penchant for ripping Republicans rather than Democrats, Joe Scarborough likely long ago ruined his chances of winning a Republican primary.  But the Morning Joe host today jokingly acknowledged how particularly tough it would now be, after Harry Reid yesterday approvingly quoted him on the Senate floor.

Ever since Newtown, Scarborough has been waging a daily campaign for gun control, repeatedly scourging Republicans for their opposition to President Obama's proposals. Quoth Reid: "Scarborough tears into GOP filibuster on gun bill, and I quote, 'is anybody awake in my party?'" View the video after the jump.

I'll be back with the transcript. In the meantime, readers might wonder: what are the odds Joe will eventually go the full Charlie Crist, a fellow former Florida Republican who eventually switched and became a Democrat?

Morning Joe opened today with a clip of Harry Reid speaking on the Senate floor yesterday:

HARRY REID: A former Republican congressman in Florida is now a talk show host and he is very popular. He has a program called "Morning Joe." Here's what "Morning Joe" has reported as [sic] having said: "Scarborough tears into GOP filibuster on gun bill and says, I quote, 'is anybody awake in my party?'"

JOS SCARBOROUGH: Well, there goes the primary election.

KELLY O'DONNELL: Everybody is awake now, Joe! . . . I was a witness to that clip, let me tell you.

SCARBOROUGH: You were a witness to that clip.

SAM STEIN: Jaws dropped.

O'DONNELL: I said, I hope I'm on tomorrow morning, because this is going to be something to talk about!

SCARBOROUGH: It's going to be hard to explain in the next primary.

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