Michael Steele On Cliff Negotiations: 'A Lot Of It Is, Let's See How Big Yours Is Versus Mine'

On today's Morning Joe, asked by substitute host Willie Geist how much of the tough talk by Republicans and Dems over the fiscal cliff was posturing, former RNC Chairman Michael Steele said that 80% was posturing, then added "a lot of it is, let's see how big yours is versus mine."

Steele was careful to suggest he was simply talking about the size of the two parties' respective . . . plans.  But between the smirks, raised eyebrows—and an immediate intervention from Geist—it seemed obvious that Steele was making a macho allusion to something else. View the video after the jump.

Have a look and see if there's any doubt in your mine as to what Steele was suggesting.

The segment started with a clip of House Speaker John Boehner telling Chris Wallace on yesterday's Fox News Sunday that "there's clearly a chance" that we're going to go over the fiscal cliff.

WILLIE GEIST: Lindsay Graham said the same thing yesterday.  Michael Steele, he said he thinks we are going to go over the fiscal cliff. How much of this--I think everybody at this table has worked a few deals in his or her life--how much of this is posturing for the negotiation. How much of it is a real chance that we're going to go over the cliff?

MICHAEL STEELE: About 80% of it is posturing.  I think a lot of it is, let's see how big yours is versus mine. You know, in terms of their plans. And uh, [laughs and smiles], the reality is --

GEIST: In terms of their plans.

STEELE: In terms of their plans.

GEIST: I thought that was important. That was nice.

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