Andrea Mitchell: Hillary Was Right--There Really Was A Great Right Wing Conspiracy

Andrea Mitchell famously said she had to catch her breath after Foster Friess's Bayer aspirin line last week.  Well, call me a bit verklempt myself this morning, after Mitchell said on today's Morning Joe that:

1. She felt "nostalgia" for Bill Clinton's 1992 presidential campaign. 2. The opposition to Clinton was "vicious". 3. She hates to revert to the "great right wing conspiracy", but "there really was a group out there . . . There really was an enemy." Video after the jump.

Mitchell's breathtaking remarks came during a Morning Joe segment on a documentary about Clinton produced by Barak Goodman. Watch Mitchell buy into perhaps the biggest smear on conservatives of the last 20 years.

ANDREA MITCHELL: Well, I was struck by a couple of things.  First of all, the nostalgia of seeing the '92 campaign, and the way, as Dee Dee Myers put it in your film that he viewed, Bill Clinton viewed, every opportunity as an opportunity to reclaim himself to come back, the "Comeback Kid" as he defined himself even after coming in second in New Hampshire.

But also the anger and the sort of vicious nature of the opposition. You had an interview, bit of an interview, with Lucianne Goldberg, who of course played such a big part in the unravelling of the Monica Lewinsky scandal. And she talked about, so viscerally, about how the wife was so horrible, and the wife had no sense of humor.  Anyone who has known Hillary Clinton then and now knows that despite everything that they went through, that's not who Hillary Clinton is. And it was just this, I hate to revert to the great right wing conspiracy, but there was really a group out there who were not going to let him succeed, and he of course played in to that with his own mistakes. But there really was an enemy group out there who just wanted to take him down.

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