Politico's Mike Allen: 'Very Possible' Dems Will Win Back House Majority

"Memories, light the corners of my mind. Misty watercolor memories of the way we were." -- Barbra Streisand, The Way We Were

Sober political analysis, or merely an MSMer pining for the good old days of Speaker Pelosi? On Morning Joe today, touting a Politico Pelosi puff piece about her "golden touch," Mike Allen claimed it was "very possible" that Democrats would retake the House majority in 2012. Video after the jump.

Cue the Streisand for Mike.


WILLIE GEIST: You've got an interesting story up about Nancy Pelosi making a strong push to win back the House.  You say Pelosi is planning a comeback.  What's she up to?

MIKE ALLEN: Yes! Could there be a restoration?  Nancy Pelosi remains by far the Democratic party's biggest fund-raiser, aside from Barack Obama.  Even though she left the Speaker's chair under very unpleasant circumstances--people wondered would she stay, would she go--she has retained an amazing hold on the party throughout the country.  Very strong: has raised $26 million so far this cycle. And if Democrats are able to take back the House she'll be a big part of the reason for it.  Politico's John Bresnahan talked with her about her fund-raising.  She says "it's rewarding for me and profitable for Democrats." The House Democratic whip, this is Steny Hoyer, on a recent conference call, when she was hitting him up for money, he said "Nancy, you're an expensive date."  

GEIST: She's earned 26 million bucks so far this cycle for the DCCC.  How likely though is it, Mike, this comeback.  Democrats need to pick up 25 seats in the House to win it back.

ALLEN: Yeah, there's going to be 100 seats in play. So it definitely can happen.  I think the chances of it are underestimated around here. When you have 100 seats, and the sort of volatile environment you have here, 25 is not as many as it sounds.  Nobody expects it, nobody predicts it, but very possible.

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