Schultz Guest: Koch Brothers 'Purchased' Cain So They Could 'Kill More People' With Toxins

How vile is Mike Papantonio?  For the second time in three days the trial lawyer-cum-radio host has actually made Ed Schultz look relatively reasonable.

Interviewed by Schultz on his MSNBC show this evening, Papantonio claimed that the Koch brothers had "purchased" Herman Cain in order to be able to "kill more people" with toxins.  Video after the jump.

2011-11-04MSNBCESPapantonio.JPGWatch Papantonio: a man for whom there are no words--at least of a sort suitable on a family-friendly site like NewsBusters.


MIKE PAPANTONIO: Ed, [Cain] is just the latest purchase by the Koch brothers. They purchased Michelle Bachmann, they purchased Sarah Palin, for this purpose: it's to go out and talk crazy talk. It's to talk about taking more things away from the middle class and giving more to the rich.

It's about deregulating virtually everything to where the Koch brothers can go ahead and kill more people with their toxins. He is nothing more than a paid mouthpiec.  You know what, Ed? They don't really care if Cain wins.  All he is is a vehicle for them. Just like Sarah Palin was a vehicle, and Michelle Bachmann.  They knew those people would say anything they wanted for the right amount of money. And so when you look at him and you listen to his crazy talk, understand: the Koch brothers don't believe he can win.  They know he can't win.  But just think of the yardage they get out of buying him for 12 months.  They bought a human being for 12 months to talk the crazy talk.  

Mark Finkelstein
Mark Finkelstein
Mark Finkelstein is a contributing editor for NewsBusters.