Luxury-Liner Liberals: 'Nation' Magazine Hawks Its Cushy Cruise

Sure, your heart is in that lovely liberal place.  Even so, you'd like to get away from the "Occupy" hoi-poloi soiling the streets.  No problem!  Just join the luxury-liner liberals of The Nation magazine on their upcoming Caribbean cruise--assuming you have up several thousand bucks [alcohol not included] for you and the lefty you love to share a cabin!

Was watching MSNBC last night, when up popped a Nation commercial.  After the standard stuff ragging on the "toxic nonsense from the right," suddenly a cruise commercial broke out.  Yes, you can sail with Katrina vanden Heuvel, Van Jones and other leftist luminaries aboard a luxury Holland America liner!  Video and more luxury details after the jump!

From the promo material linked at The Nation's cruise website:

  • Premium cruising the best in cruise vacations Conde Nast Traveler's top-rated major cruise line.
  • 2011-10-19Nationcruisecommercial.JPGRelax into a world of comfort and easy elegance aboard the ships of Holland America Line.
  • Luxurious living is found in every detail, from the soft caress of a personal bathrobe to fine chocolates on your pillow at night. Staterooms filled with all manner of sophisticated amenities Spacious, elegantly appointed staterooms, many with private verandahs.
  • Luxurious Neiuw-Amsterdam-Top beds and premium linens.
  • Daily housekeeping to tidy belongings and keep staterooms immaculate.
  • Large, extra-fluffy Egyptian cotton towels.
  • Lighted magnifying mirrors; massage shower-heads; salon-quality hair dryers.
  • Luxurious terry cloth bathrobes

Sure, you support the 99%. But why not do so from the comfort of your luxury cabin, surrounded by your fellow liberal 1%ers?  Reserve now!

Mark Finkelstein
Mark Finkelstein
Mark Finkelstein is a contributing editor for NewsBusters.