Tamron Hall Chides Ex-Bush Aide for Not Cheering Obama on Libya

Want to watch an MSM version of Stand By Your Man?   Check out the video here after the jump.  Tamron Hall, theoretically an MSNBC show "host" and not a pundit, gets visibly upset with Michael Singh, a former foreign policy adviser to President George W. Bush.  Singh's sin?  Apparently being insufficiently enthusiastic in his praise of President Obama's handling of the Libyan situation.

The irony is that Singh is anything but an isolationist.  Singh supported the Libyan intervention and hardly came across as a hard partisan.  But apparently anything short of fully prostrated praise for the prez is enough to bring down the Wrath Of Hall.

IWatch the normally affable Tamron get ticked!


TAMRON HALL: We have a number of members of the GOP who are running for president who criticized the strategy of this president, and now here we are watching the rule of Qaddafi end six months after the United States and NATO launched these attacks, and the unprecedented coalition as the president saw it.  So, looking at what's playing out now, this administration seems to have made the right call here.

MICHAEL SINGH: Well, I think it's natural now that the president would try to take some credit for what seems to at least tentatively be a successful conclusion to this phase of what's happening in Libya.

HALL [getting exercised]: And what's wrong with that?--when he was heavily criticized by many including Mitt Romney, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.  And he did not take credit--he applauded the coalition, the decision made to have these strikes. He would be criticized if it did not work and it appears to have worked.  So are you unable to say that the decision made by this administration was the right decision?







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