On Libya, Obama-supporting Uygur Is Uber-hypocrite

Do people's politics color their views on the issues, even on life-and-death ones like war?  Yeah.  Happens on all sides.  But for Cenk Uygur to rip Republicans for having supported President Bush on Iraq while criticizing President Obama on Libya is nothing short of grotesque . . . given that Uygur now supports Obama on Libya, while when it came to Iraq and its aftermath he wanted Bush . . . imprisoned for at least ten years.

Adding fuel to the bonfire of Uygur's hypocrisy is his failure to mention that as a senator-cum-presidential-candidate, Obama himself laid out a doctrine condemning precisely the kind of military action without congressional approval in which Obama-as-president now engages.

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Watch Uygur engage in shameless hypocrisy.

Note: In claiming Bush didn't seek "authorization for the war," Uygur is either ignorant or shamelessly prevaricating.  Not only did Bush seek and obtain congressional approval for the Iraq war, but such worthies as Hillary Clinton and John Kerry voted for it--later defending their votes.


Mark Finkelstein
Mark Finkelstein
Mark Finkelstein is a contributing editor for NewsBusters.