'They Can't Win': Mika Mocks '12 GOP Field

Mika Brzezinski might be horrified by a hand-tossed pizza, but she's completely unfazed by the 2012 Republican presidential field.  

The Morning Joe co-host today disdainfully dismissed the GOP White House hopefuls, categorically stating "they can't win."  Mika made her triumphal declaration during a panel discussion of Republican primary prospects.  Pat Buchanan countered with the '92 historical analogy.

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Buchanan reminded Mika that in '92, Dems, intimidated by George H.W.'s 90+% popularity rating, declined to enter the race, leaving the field open for, in Pat's words, "Slick Willie" to jump in and snatch the bronze ring.

I'll be back with a transcript, but in the meantime, watch Mika declare the Republican field a bunch of sure losers.