Cat Fight: Morning Joe and Mika Bare Claws Over Couric, Limbaugh

Is the cat fight a strictly feminine affair, or can a man and woman engage in one?  Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski certainly seemed to offer up a fair facsimile of the genre today. The two traded feline fisticuffs on Morning Joe.  

Scarborough went first, swiping at Katie Couric for having cavorted on a Miami beach with her beau before departing for Egypt.  Mika later retaliated, archly musing about the number of Limbaugh's marriages during a segment featuring Elton John's comments on El Rushbo.

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Sit back and watch the fur fly!

MIKE BARNICLE: Where [did Couric interview Richard Haass]: in St. Bart's --

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Would you stop?

BARNICLE: St. John's, South Beach, where?

JOE SCARBOROUGH: I don't know what you're talking about.

BRZEZINSKI [exasperated]: OK.

BARNICLE: I saw Katie at South Beach.

SCARBOROUGH: Oh, did she come back? Is Katie back?

BARNICLE: Where is she?

BRZEZINSKI: She's in Cairo, OK?  And she interviewed Richard Haass, who was here in New York . . . I'm stopping you from where you're going, is what I'm doing.

SCARBOROUGH: What are you talking about?

BRZEZINSKI: Well you guys are just being silly.

SCARBOROUGH: Willie [Geist]: let me ask you a question.  You're always on that internet, right?  I'm just curious: I mean, you can't find a non-stop flight from New York City to Egypt, right?  You've got to connect through Miami.

Later, Mika looked for revenge . . .

BRZEZINSKI: Elton John is reportedly convinced he can force Rush Limbaugh to relax his stance against gay marriage. In an upcoming Rolling Stone interview, John reportedly says that if he called the conservative radio host right now he believes Limbaugh would support civil partnerships. John goes on to discuss being asked to play at Limbaugh's wedding last June, saying Limbaugh invited his partner and told the singer, quote, I'm not anti-gay.

That was, was that his, I can't remember.  What number?

SCARBOROUGH: Oh, just shut up.

BRZEZINSKI: No, I'm just wondering.

SCARBOROUGH: What does it matter?

BRZEZINSKI: It's just interesting. Because if you have --

SCARBOROUGH: What does that matter?

BRZEZINSKI: I'll tell you why it matters.

SCARBOROUGH: You do that to a liberal commentator next time, OK?

BRZEZINSKI: No, I think it's really interesting when you have very strong opinions about civil unions, and then you have multiple, multiple marriages.  I think it's interesting.

SCARBOROUGH: I think that's a cheap shot going after the number of divorces he's had.

BRZEZINSKI: Oh. I wasn't, I was, I just thought it was interesting.

SCARBOROUGH: Unless you're going to do that for people on the left.


SCARBOROUGH: There's no need to.  I think we should just leave people alone.

BRZEZINSKI:  Mmm. Really?

SCARBOROUGH: When it comes to their personal lives --

BRZEZINSKI: Oh, really?

SCARBOROUGH: Really.  We didn't go through marriages, we didn't talk about John Edwards and that chaos.  We refused to do that.


SCARBOROUGH: We refused to do that.

BRZEZINSKI: The top of the six [AM hour, when Joe discussed Couric] was interesting.

SCARBOROUGH: What about the top of the six? Did somebody get a divorce at the top of the six?

BRZEZINSKI: No, I just think it was interesting.

SCARBOROUGH: What was interesting?

BRZEZINSKI: I think that you were being similar.

SCARBOROUGH: Similar?  Talking about Katie Couric being down in South Beach instead of in Cairo is the same as --

BRZEZINSKI: I just think it's none of your business --

SCARBOROUGH: -- making fun of people's marital situation?  You're making me uncomforable right now, and you're making the kids at home uncomfortable.


Mark Finkelstein
Mark Finkelstein
Mark Finkelstein is a contributing editor for NewsBusters.