Schultz: The Republican Devil Makes Me Do It

Ed Schultz would like to be more civil.  Really, he would. It's just that those reprehensible Republicans, by failing to agree with him, force poor Ed to advocate things like ripping out Dick Cheney's heart.

That was the Schultz's oft-repeated theme on his MSNBC show this evening.

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Consider: if someone is truly intent on changing the tone, would they not show some moral leadership of their own?  Even if Ed is right about the GOP, does Schultz see himself as the totally reactive puppet of the Republicans?

ED SCHULTZ: Now, I'd be more than happy to change my tone on this show.  I would do it, as soon as the Republicans stop blocking policies that help working-class Americans . . . We're not civil?  The hell we aren't! Republicans have no business talking about civility and tone until they change the way they govern . . . The tone in this country will never change until Republicans quit the perpetual campaign cycle and start acting like statesmen . . . And I reiterate, before we go to our first guest tonight, I'll change the tone of this show, I won't be as aggressive as I've always been.  But I know that's a pipe dream. The fact of the matter is the Republicans are never gonna, never, they're never going to work in unison with the Democrats!  Because they don't want to see this president get any credit whatsoever . . . So I'll change the tone when they prove to the American people that they're not about defeating the president, and moving the agenda forward for American workers.