Mic Glitch Has Maddow Seeing Conspiracies

Ve haf certain powers, Miz Maddow . . .

In the midst of bashing Pres. Bush over Iraq this evening, Rachel Maddow's mic went suddenly dead, forcing her MSNBC show to go to commercial.

When she returned [and after paraphrasing a line from Macbeth], Maddow let it be known she was "such a conspiracy theorist" but didn't dare tell the audience what she was thinking because "it would discredit me forever."

RACHEL MADDOW: Spreading peace and democracy.  That was the third try at made-up reasons we invaded. How's that worked out?

It's at that point that Maddow's mic suddenly quit. For several moments, she can be seen speaking, with no sound at all. She begins to tap her mic, and a low-quality audio can be heard.

MADDOW: Are we back?  We're not back? Well this is unusual. One, two, three, four, five. [Inaudible] conspiracy.

The show had to admit temporary defeat, and cut to commercial.  When it returned . . .

MADDOW: Before I was so untimely ripped from the broadcast.  It's really weird: it's not like I'm on a satellite feed or anything.  I'm in my home studio, in New York.  And what we lost was the hard-wired mic that pins me to the desk. It's really weird: nothing like that's ever happened before. I'm such a conspiracy theorist. I cannot tell you what I'm thinking right now: it would discredit me forever. But as I was saying before that thing happened . . .

Rachel, we didn't want to hit the red button, really.  But on a night of national reconciliation, for you to have criticized Pres. Obama for saying a few kind words about Pres. Bush, then compounded things with your indictment of W's war policy, well, our itchy finger just got the better of us ;-)

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