Schultz Sees Soup Lines

Hey, it's Friday night. Time to kick back and enjoy some—unintentional—humor, courtesy Ed Schultz.

Big Ed sees soup lines around the corner if we "continue to follow the Republicans" [sic].  His solution to stave off disaster?  The extension of unemployment benefits. . .  . "endlessly."

Say Ed, are you aware that FDR's New Deal socialism failed to dent the Depression?

ED SCHULTZ: You know, when I was growing up in the '60s--I was eight, nine, ten, eleven years old--and my dad, who went through the Depression, and went through World War II and served, he used to sit at the dinner table and tell us that we wouldn't have a depression in this country because we have got some kind of safety nets put in place now and we won't have have the kind of the kind of economic problems we had when the crash of '29 took place.

But maybe we should start looking at old film like this, when people were sleeping in the streets, and people were muzzling through garbage cans looking for something to eat.  People standing in bread lines, people standing in soup lines: the soup lines in big cities in America. If we continue to follow the Republicans, I say we're about two years away from videotape like that . . .  Unless we take drastic measures, we're going to see lines like that. Where are these people going to go?  The moral thing to do in this country right now is to make sure that these four million people are helped out endlessly until we turn this economy around. That's right: there shouldn't be any sunset.

"If we continue to follow the Republicans"??  Psst: Ed, have you noticed that we have a Dem president, a Dem House, a Dem Senate?  Who's following whom?  If we're on the brink of breadlines, it's because of the failure of the Dem policy that has pumped trillions out of the productive private sector and into the clutches of inefficient big government.  And your solution is more of the same . . . "endlessly"?  Brother can you spare Schultz a whine?

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