For Criticizing Obama, Barnicle 'Castrated' By Mika

Guess Mike could always get a gig with the Vienna Boys Choir . . .

If MSNBC libs like Olbermann and Matthews were surprisingly critical of Pres. Obama's speech last night, PBO can apparently count on one defender at the network: Mika Brzezinski.  

So fiercely did Brzezinski go after Mike Barnicle on Morning Joe today for his criticism of the speech, that the panel agreed poor Mike had been "emasculated."  Joe Scarborough took it a graphic step further, saying Mika had "castrated" the former Boston Globe columnist.

All while protesting his "love" for the president, Barnicle did offer some stock criticism, saying PBO hadn't been specific enough in addressing "the plight of ordinary Americans."  That set Mika off.  Accusing him of speaking "drivel," she continued her attack, heartfelt anger in her voice . . .

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: My point is that it just seems that he can't do anything right. And here he is, setting the path that you're talking about, and now you're criticizing it for it not being enough. And if he went out there and read like an encyclopedia, you guys would be saying [imitates male voice] "he's a professor, it's too much information." Please.  Please. Seriously. It's enough.  This is just drivel. I mean, come on: do you hear yourselves? Do you all hear yourselves?  It's so knee-jerk.

A bit later, the panel commented on poor Barnicle's plight.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: She tore you up.

WILLIE GEIST: She tore you up.

BRZEZINSKI: I haven't even begun.

SCARBOROUGH: She castrated you. Put the scalpel away!

BRZEZINSKI: Would you stop?

GEIST: That was downright mean.

BRZEZINSKI: This is a morning show, and that is not acceptable.  That's just wrong.

SCARBOROUGH: Tina [Brown], was Barnicle not emasculated by Mika?

TINA BROWN: Completely emasculated.  I mean, the guy is . . .

SCARBOROUGH: It's the end of men.

BROWN: The end of men.  I've been holding his hand in the breaks here.

GEIST: He's been weeping quietly.


Mark Finkelstein
Mark Finkelstein
Mark Finkelstein is a contributing editor for NewsBusters.