Mika: Boehner Should 'Just Bend Over'

Has Pres. Obama's ass-kickin' line given license to MSM members to offer cruder commentary?  Could be, judging from Mika Brzezinski's Morning Joe performance today, in which she suggested that House Republican leader John Boehner should "just bend over."

Mika normally plays the role of Morning Joe hall monitor, keeping the rambunctious trio of Joe Scarborough, Mike Barnicle and Willie Geist in line. But with Joe away today, it was Mika who indulged in some off-color imagery.  Prompting Mika's remark was a clip of Boehner wondering why Pres. Obama isn't looking for someone's "ass to kick" on the subject of unrestrained federal spending.

HAROLD FORD: The problem with his question, it's probably himself if he's looking, if the president's looking for that word to kick.


FORD: Because John was one of the leaders in the Republican caucus who actually voted for, we didn't pay for the entitlement spending, the new Medicare prescription-drug plan.  We didn't pay for the war, for the first time we go to war without paying for it in the history of the nation.  So if he's looking for one, he might --

BRZEZINSKI: Just bend over.  Just bend over. Seriously.

Check out Willie Geist's horrified reaction to Mika's line: the look of a fourth-grader shocked to hear his revered teacher say something dirty.

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