Me, From Tennessee? Meet The Press Labels Ford '(D-TN)'

Back in January, Harold Ford, Jr. proclaimed to Chris Matthews no fewer than four times: "I am a New Yorker" [see amusing video after the jump].  

But that profession of Big Apple-hood apparently didn't cut it with NBC. Even as Ford was discussing today his reasons for not entering the New York Dem senatorial primary against Kirsten Gillibrand, Meet The Press displayed the graphic seen here, labelling Ford "(D-TN)."

If Harold can't even persuade the folks at NBC of his New Yorker credentials, what chance did he have of convincing a state-ful of cynics?

Note: NBC might defend itself by saying it was simply describing Ford by his most recent elective position, "Fmr. Rep." from the Volunteer State.  But surely Harold would have preferred to be described by his current position: Chairman of the  Democratic Leadership Council--and preferably with a (D-NY) after his name. 

PS: Come to think of it, perhaps NBC was doing Harold's bidding. Might the ultra-ambitious Ford be planning a return to his home state to take on Bob Corker, the man who defeated him for senator, in 2012?  Sample campaign line: "Yes, it was only when I went up to New York that I realized how much my heart was in Tennessee."


Mark Finkelstein
Mark Finkelstein
Mark Finkelstein is a contributing editor for NewsBusters.