Not Just Anti-Incumbency, Jonathan: Anti-Liberalism

Poor Barack Obama.  Hasn't put a foot wrong.  Policies just fine.  It's just that he's been dealt the cruel fate of . . . being President of the United States.

That was the essence of what Jonathan Capehart, WaPo editorialist, whistled past the liberal graveyard on Morning Joe today.  Confronted with the prez's crumbling poll numbers [by 52-44 margin people don't think PBO deserves to be re-elected], Capehart blamed anti-incumbent fever.  It's not that Americans are opposed to the Dems' policies, suggested Capehart: they're just frustrated by how little has been accomplished.

Why don't we play a little game of political prognostication?   Imagine that, far from being ineffective, Obama/Pelosi/Reid had managed to push through their entire agenda in the last year.  Let's focus on three matters:

  1. Health care "reform" that would have compelled every American to join a government-approved system and fined those who didn't.
  2. Cap-and-trade, imposing a huge tax on energy.
  3. Closing of Gitmo.

Dems are currently projected to lose something on the order of 5-10 Senate seats and perhaps 25-40 House seats.  What would those numbers, and PBO's poll ratings, be today if the above agenda had gone through?

See what I mean, Mr. Capehart?  Americans aren't rejecting incumbents just because they happen to be in office.  They're rejecting  liberalism.

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