Roggin's Better Half Scolds Him For Ripping Rush

After ripping Rush Limbaugh yesterday, Morning Joe sports reporter Fred Roggin today announced he would henceforth be keeping his mouth shut on the subject--after getting an earful from his wife.

As we had noted, during his Morning Joe sports slot yesterday Roggin took a number of shots at Rush and his quest to purchase an interest in the NFL's St. Louis Rams.  Among other barbs, Roggin falsely claimed that Rush had been "canned from ESPN for racist remarks about Eagle's quarterback Donovan McNabb."

A chastened Roggin had this to say this morning . . .

FRED ROGGIN: Now yesterday, I made some comments about Rush Limbaugh.  Not everyone agreed.  My phone was ringing off the hook--and every time, it was my wife. She offered this: "ya know, not everyone feels the same way you do in this house: stop talking!" So I will!

Responded Willie Geist, who yesterday seemed surprised by Roggin's outburst: "all right, Fred. Thanks so much for that clarification."

Guess we now know who has the smarts--and wears the pants--chez Roggin.

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