Tapper: Wilson Took To Conservative Media Limelight 'Like Moth To A Flame'

Jake Tapper has distinguished himself within the White House press corps as someone consistently willing to pose probing questions to the president and his aides.  But on today's Good Morning America, ABC's chief White House correspondent used a particularly unflattering metaphor for Rep. Joe Wilson and his decision to go on Fox News to defend himself.  As a clip of Rep. Wilson on last night's Sean Hannity show rolled  . . .

JAKE TAPPER:  Although Wilson apologized to the White House for his lack of civility, he quickly took to the limelight of conservative media like a moth to a flame.

Just an hour before Wilson went on with Hannity, Olbermann devoted an entire Special Comment to denigrating the SC Republican, referring to him as "stupid," "pathetic," and likening him to "a drunk" at a ballgame.

It's also been widely reported that Wilson's Dem opponent for his House seat has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in the "you lie!" aftermath.  

Surely Tapper can't believe Wilson should play rope-a-dope with those who would destroy him?

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