Capehart: 'We've Got Two Problems. Um, I Mean, The Administration and Dems Do'

Jonathan Capehart let the mask slip on just how much the MSM is one with Pres. Obama and Democrats at large.  Here's the WaPo editorialist on Morning Joe today, discussing the daunting task of selling ObamaCare to a doubting public:

"We've got two problems here. We: I should say the administration or Democrats have two problems."

Sorry, Jonathan.  Cat out of bag.  Toothpaste out of tube. Bell rung.

Not that we doubted the MSM's identification with PBO and the Dems, but still amusing to have it confirmed in this Freudian-moment manner.

JONATHAN CAPEHART:  You know, there are legitimate concerns out there about health insurance reform or health care reform or however we're calling it today. But a lot of this rhetoric: death panels, pulling the plug on grandma, I think is sort of lowering the debate. And we've got two problems here.  "We": I should say the administration or Democrats have two problems.

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