Carole King Lumps Cap-and-Tax Opponents With 'Birthers'

Watch out, Barbra Streisand!  You've got some serious competition in the category of formerly famous woman singers turned loud and illogical liberal lips.

Carole King has proclaimed that people who say that Pres. Obama's cap-and-tax plan is an energy tax are . . . like "birthers."

King made her wacky claim on Willie Geist's "Way Too Early" show this morning. 

View video here.

Hmm.  Could PBO himself be a secret birther? Does he know something about the authenticity of that Hawaiian birth certificate we don't?  Because it was none other than Obama who just last year said: "under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket."

If birthers didn't exist, liberals would have to invent them. Birthers have become the perfect liberal foil, used to discredit opposition to any Obama policy.  Against cap-and-tax?  Birther!  Don't like ObamaCare?  Birther!  Think Cash For Clunkers is crazy? Birther, birther, birther!

PBO might make Carole feel like a natural woman and make the earth move under her feet.  Where he leads, King will follow and she will surely love him tomorrow.  But for those who see through his schemes, it's too late.  Way too late.

WILLIE GEIST: What do you say to people who have said [cap-and-tax] is nothing more than an energy tax? You're just taxing energy.  Is that a bad thing?

CAROLE KING: You know what?  As we've heard, there's birthers, there's deathers, there's people that will say anything to put doubt into people's minds.  It's like court, you know, when they have reasonable doubt. This is, you know, what people are saying about that, and the birthers and the health care bill: that's unreasonable doubt.

Mark Finkelstein
Mark Finkelstein
Mark Finkelstein is a contributing editor for NewsBusters.