MSNBC's Dr. Nancy: White House Agenda Is Our Agenda

At one point during her new MSNBC show today, Dr. Nancy Snyderman proclaimed:

"the White House, their health care agenda continues to be our agenda."

Snyderman would probably say she meant it only in terms of the subject matter the show will cover, not its point of view.  But she was, if unintentionally, revealing a larger truth.  Just in time for the Obama admin's push on health care, MSNBC has rolled out a show that loyally pushes the Obama plan, right down to the call for nationalization via the so-called "public option."

View video here if player not visible. 

Take today's show in which Snyderman hosted a debate between two public health experts debating the advisability of taxing sugary soft drinks. Snyderman came down on the side of higher taxation. Why?  In part to "support perhaps a public health option." Ending the show with yet another call to tax soft drinks, she concluded with this chilling remark:

"We have to really get hard on what we're going to offer people and how we're going to pay [for] it."

Big Obama Care is coming.  And you can be sure that Dr. Nancy will be doing her part to push it.

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