Does Frank Find Incest More Objectionable Than Pedophilia?

Does Barney Frank think incest is worse than pedophilia?  The question arises because, chatting with Andrea Mitchell this afternoon, here's how Frank reiterated his opposition to Barack Obama having granted Rick Warren the honor of pronouncing the invocation at the inauguration. 

BARNEY FRANK: I think Rick Warren's comments comparing same-sex relationships to incest is deeply offensive, wildly inaccurate and very socially disruptive.

View video here.

But Warren didn't limit his comparison of gay marriage to incest.  In the same statement  in which Warren alluded to incest he also invoked polygamy and pedophilia.  

So why did Frank single out, no pun intended, incest to the exclusion of pedophilia?  As yucky [technical term] as is incest, isn't pedophilia, in which an adult preys on children, inherently more offensive and immoral?  For that matter, specifically what is it that Barney Frank finds offensive about incest? Note: I've Googled Frank's comments on the subject, and if there's an instance in which he complained of Warren comparing gay marriage to pedophilia, I haven't found it.  For some reason, Frank seems to have chosen to take offense specifically on account of the incest analogy.

Mitchell, unsurprisingly, didn't raise the issues with Frank.  But wouldn't you like to see a member of the MSM pose those questions to Frank and hear how he answers?  What are the odds it will happen?

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