Turkeys: Early Show Focuses On Accused 8-Yr Old Killer's Thanksgiving Plans

Drumstick or breast for accused daddy killer?  Details at 11!

If that wasn't quite how the Early Show played it, it's not far off. Of all the angles to promote its coverage of the story of the eight-year old accused of killing his father, CBS highlighted the issue of . . . where the boy would celebrate Thanksgiving.

View video here.

Reflecting the show's celebrity/scandal focus, its opening teases concerned Eliot Spitzer and Winona Rider.  After Maggie Rodriguez then heralded the upcoming coverage of the stock market, it was the turn of Jeff Glor, sitting in for Harry Smith.

JEFF GLOR: Also in this morning, a big development in that almost unbelievable case of the eight-year in Arizona accused of killing his father and another man. He was in court yesterday, that boy.  We'll tell you where he'll spend Thanksgiving.

Great. When it comes to this case, I'm sure that's a key question on the mind of most Americans.  And since you're dying to know . . . at the end of its first half hour, after rolling video of the boy appearing to confess to shooting his father because he didn't want him "to suffer," CBS disclosed that a judge had authorized the boy to spend Thanksgiving . . . with his mother.

Good to know.  But what's his favorite video game?

Mark Finkelstein
Mark Finkelstein
Mark Finkelstein is a contributing editor for NewsBusters.