Olbermann To Matthews: 'I Miss You Already'

It's a love-in, man!

Looks like the grown-ups at NBC/MSNBC have taken the kids aside and told them to kiss and make up.  After the embarrassing "tension convention" [to quote Imus] at the DNC amongst Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews and Joe Scarborough, we've already seen the Countdown host plucked out of the GOP convention, under the convenient excuse that he would be anchoring—back in NYC and safely removed from St. Paul—the coverage of Hurricane Gustav.

When Olbermann and Matthews appeared on split-screen during the 7 PM EDT hour this evening, they were clearly on their best behavior. The dueling duo traded kind words, culminating in Olbermann's credulity-cracking claim to "miss" his erstwhile antagonist.  Chris got things off to a conciliatory start.

KEITH OLBERMANN: Joining us now from the site of the convention, Chris Matthews from St. Paul. Chris, good evening.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Good evening, partner.

View the video, here.  Was that an amiable grin on Chris' lips, or the sardonic smile of someone who's been taken to the woodshed?

A bit later came a reciprocal acknowledgment of the other's expertise.

MATTHEWS: I find a couple things interesting, Keith.  And you are a watcher as well as I of all these political people in both parties.

Moments later, Olbermann returned the compliment.

OLBERMANN: You and I both know [he continued with reference to the way in which Katrina fixed public opinion about the Bush administration and how the handling of Gustav might partially remedy that impression.]

Finally came the moving au revoir.

OLBERMANN: Chris Matthews, at St. Paul at the Xcel Center. I miss you already. Thanks Chris.

MATTHEWS: See you soon.


Mark Finkelstein
Mark Finkelstein
Mark Finkelstein is a contributing editor for NewsBusters.