Say, Today, What Party Do the Conyers Belong To?

Add Monica Conyers's name to that list of Dems run afoul of the law whose party affiliation the MSM fails to mention.  Conyers, the Detroit City Council President Pro Tem, a Democrat and an Obama supporter, has made unwelcome headlines before, from getting into an argument with an eight-grader to allegedly threatening to shoot an aide to the Detroit mayor.  Now things have taken a turn for the worse. According to the Detroit News in an article today entitled Bribe probe ensnarls Conyers:

Federal investigators have electronic surveillance evidence that allegedly links Detroit City Council President Pro Tem Monica Conyers with receiving a payment or payments in connection with a city-approved sludge contract.

Ruh-roh.  Conyers is the wife of John Conyers, the Dem Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee who continues to toy with the notion of seeking to impeach President Bush.  So how did this morning's Today show report the story? 

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SAVANNAH GUTHRIE: The Detroit News is reporting this morning that Monica Conyers, wife of long-time Congressman John Conyers, was caught on a surveillance camera allegedly taking bribes.  Conyers is a city councilwoman in Detroit. The paper reports she received a payment or payments in connection with a city contract. Mrs. Conyers declined to comment.

The only capital 'D' to be found in Today's report was the one in Detroit News.

Let's play "what if."  What if the Republican elected-official wife of a prominent House Republican had been arrested in similar circumstances?  Odds Today would have omitted the pair's party affiliation?

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