Mika Doubts Americans Care About Winning in Iraq

OK With Losing In Iraq? Vote Dem!

Not sure that would be a winning campaign slogan for Barack Obama, but on today's Morning Joe, Mika Brzezinski expressed skepticism as to whether Americans really care about winning in Iraq. Mika made her comments in the course of touting Frank Rich's NYT column of yesterday [on which I commented here].

Brzezinski was clearly eager to make her point: after reading an extended excerpt from Rich's column and inviting comment from the panel, she didn't let a bemused John Harwood of CNBC/NYT get more than a few words out before cutting him off to express her own opinion.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Anyone want to comment?

JOHN HARWOOD: Well, I don't think Americans forgot Iraq --

BRZEZINSKI: You know what? I think Americans are tired of being duped, and I think this is coming back, from the McClellan book. I mean, everyone talks about how Americans want to win, want to win. I don't know so much with Iraq.

HARWOOD: Right. But if Frank's point is that Americans have been distracted from Iraq by the economy, and now this [the McClellan book] is going to bring them back, I just, I don't think they've forgotten it. I think they're sick of the war, however, the fact that it appears to be going better now is good for McCain; it lessens the headache.

BRZEZINSKI: Is it? Is it?

H/t reader CH.

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