Edwards Endorses . . . Worldview of USA as 'Bully'

It wasn't just Barack Obama's candidacy that John Edwards endorsed tonight. It was also the worldview that sees the United States as a "bully." Consider these lines from Edwards just-completed speech.

JOHN EDWARDS: There's also a wall that's divided our image in the world. The America as the beacon of hope is behind that wall. And all the world sees now is a bully. They see Iraq, Guantanamo, secret prison, and a government that argues that waterboarding is not torture [lusty booing from the crowd]. This is not OK. That wall has to come down. For the sake of our ideals and our security. We can change this. We can change it. Yes, we can.

Note that Edwards wasn't saying the America-haters of the world are wrong. To the contrary, he was clearly seconding their view of the US as a bully, for the supposed crimes he enumerated. For a moment there, I thought Edwards might be on the verge of a "God bless America? No, no, no" of his own. Is this really the kind of endorsement Senator 57-states needs?

I didn't note any comment on Edwards' "bully" remark in the immediate post-speech kibitzing on MSNBC. Will the MSM report the anti-Americanism of Obama's latest fan?

Note: All the world sees in America is a bully? No wonder nobody wants to come here.

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