CBS Hails Diego: Not 'Intimidated' by Immigration Law

How did the CBS Evening News explain away the much-smaller size of pro-immigration rallies around the country today? Fear and intimidation on the part of prospective participants. But fear of what? Physical threats or illegal reprisals? No. Of simple enforcement of US law. CBS singled out for praise one marcher who wouldn't be "intimidated."

CBS correspondent Sandra Hughes narrated the segment, which included these morsels.

View video here.

SANDRA HUGHES: From Chicago to Detroit all the way to Los Angeles, the rallies have been much smaller than two years ago, when 1 million people marched nationwide. One reason, say many, is fear. The Feds have stepped up raids and deportations. Almost 5,000 workplace arrests last year, four times as many as 2005.

Wow, 5,000 out of millions of illegal immigrants. Some crackdown. Cut to a clip of LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, decrying enforcement against "legitimate businesses who provide their employees with living wages." If a business hires illegals, is it "legitimate"? Isn't the Dem idea to punish employers, not illegals? Sounds like even that's out the window, too.

Then the piece de resistance.

HUGHES: Diego Junacua wouldn't be intimidated into staying home. The college student marched with his friends, some illegal, toward downtown Los Angeles. Diego's not yet a citizen, still he was behind a campus voter registration drive.

Hail Diego, someone who wouldn't be "intimidated"--by the law!

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