Hillary's 'Morning Joe' Appearance a Cackle Six-Pack

screenshot of Could it be a continuation of Hillary's winning shot-and-a-beer strategy? Appearing on Morning Joe the day after her PA primary win, Clinton popped the top on an even six-pack of cackles. Perhaps her good humor was inspired not only by her victory, but by Joe Scarborough's unabashed [if possibly facetious] pandering, describing himself and sidekick Willie Geist as Hillary's "only shameless flacks in the media."

For your listening pleasure, I've edited a clip of Hillary's cavalcade of laughs. Watch and listen here.

Hillary made the rounds of all the morning news show, and as is her wont was relentlessly on message:

  • big win
  • sloughs off NY Times editorial criticizing her negativity
  • she leads in actual votes [including Michigan and Florida and while I'm not quite clear about this, possibly excluding caucuses and counting only primaries]
  • OK for superdelegates to discount elected delegate count.
  • please send money to HillaryClinton.com

Bonus Coverage: Andrea Thinks Michelle Not Angry–Has She Seen This Clip?

Andrea Mitchell is sitting in for Mika Brzezinski today. When discussion turned to Michelle Obama, Mitchell insisted that the candidate's wife is "effective" on his behalf, and moreover, does not appear angry. Surely Andrea has seen this video clip, aired on Morning Joe this week. But just for her benefit, let's provide it here, ask Andrea to have another look, then look into the camera and repeat her claim that Mrs. Obama is not angry.

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