Thanking God for Nice Weather Too Much for Maggie?

Just a puny personal pronoun, yet one that perhaps spoke volumes about MSM attitudes toward religion. On the occasion of the Mass that Pope Benedict XVI will be celebrating later day at DC's Nationals Park, Early Show co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez interviewed Father Thomas Williams, a Roman Catholic priest who also serves as a CBS religion analyst.

For the liberal media, even a subject as seemingly innocuous as a nice spring day can suddenly turn into a PC minefield should it put an MSMer in the position of having to recognize God's work, as this exchange suggests.

View video here.

MAGGIE RODRIGUEZ: Other church leaders are here as well: 14 cardinals, 250 bishops and 1,300 priests. One of them is our very own Father Thomas Williams, he's a CBS analyst as well as a papal scholar. Good to be here with you again this morning.

THOMAS WILLIAMS: Great to be here, very exciting.

RODRIGUEZ: Another beautiful spring day here in Washington, DC.

WILLIAMS: God is smiling down on Washington today.

Let's stop right there for a moment. Imagine that a priest has just remarked to you that "God is smiling down" today. You want to respond in an agreeable manner. What would 99% of people say? Surely something along the lines of "yes, He is." But did that pose a double dilemma for Rodriguez? Not only would she have had to acknowledge the existence of God, but in a manner that might suggest God is a He. Gadzooks! What's a good MSMer to do? Here's how Maggie dodged the divine bullet.

RODRIGUEZ: It really is.

"It"? Perhaps it was just a slip of the tongue. But as SNL's Church Lady used to say, isn't that conveni-e-e-e-nt?

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