Will MSM Ignore Michelle Obama's Anger?

If Barack Obama is looking for proof there are indeed bitter Americans out there, he need look no further than across the kitchen table.

Morning Joe opened today with a clip of Michelle Obama on the stump that I can only call stunning. By her tone, and her language both verbal and physical, this is one angry lady. The transcript below doesn't begin to convey Mrs. Obama's apparent rage.

That Bill Clinton was elected twice is proof that an angry wife is no bar to office. But Michelle Obama's level of ire can certainly be no asset on the campaign trail. Morning Joe did air it, but just how much MSM coverage will we see of what I would sincerely call an astounding piece of video?

MICHELLE OBAMA: There's a lot of people talking about elitism and all of that. But let me tell you who me and Barack are, so that you are not confused. Yeah, I went to Princeton and Harvard, but the lens through which I see the world is the lens that I grew up with. I am the product of a working-class upbringing. I grew up on the South Side of Chicago in a working-class community. I want people to know when they look at me, to be clear that they see what an investment in public education can look like.

May I say suggest that telling voters they may be "confused" and that they need to get something "clear" is normally not considered good politics? And while Mrs. Obama might feel the obligation to pander to the teachers unions with her claim to be a product of public education, the last time I looked Princeton and Harvard were private institutions. Finally, while we shouldn't forget where we come from, shouldn't our goal, and the purpose of education, be to permit ourselves to view the world through a wider lens?

In any case, please view and judge for yourself.

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