Call Girls of the NYT: Feminist Daughter of 'Very Progressive Parents,' NPR Fan

Far be it from NB to suggest any correlation between liberal political orientation and a propensity for prostitution. But in the wake of the Spitzer scandal, the New York Times has run an article profiling three call girls, and we couldn't help but look for telltale signs of their politics. There were no particular hints regarding one of the ladies. But as for the other two . . . well, let's say it's unlikely they'll be turning up anytime soon as contributing editors at NewsBusters.

Ava Xi’an is the apparently apolitical pro. She claims to have gotten into the business to pay for a heart bypass operation for her father . . . who doesn't have health insurance. Bush made her do it, you might say.

As for the other two, Sally Anderson is "an unapologetic feminist" who was "raised in a fancy New Jersey suburb with what she described as 'very progressive parents.'” Oh, and she's planning to leave the profession "to study social work in graduate school." I'd say that wraps it up.

Then there's Faith O'Donnell "a Williamsburg [Brooklyn] hipster with entrancing blue eyes." The giveway as to her politics? she "carries an NPR tote bag and might offer up a few pleasantries on the Whole Foods checkout line." Fan of NPR and Whole Foods? The Obama demographic to a 't'!

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