Harry Smith: Hillary Will Boink Bill With Her 'Frying Pan'

Here at NB, we're not normally in the business of feeling sorry for MSMers like Harry Smith. But I can't help but express some sympathy for the Early Show anchor at the prospect of the feminist, Clintonite wrath that is likely to descend on his head after a comment he made this morning

Among the metaphors most likely to drive feminists up the wall is that of the angry woman yielding that symbol of domestic serfdom, the frying pan. But in discussing the prospect of Hillary's anger at Bill for his responsibility for her possibly impending defeat, Smith invoked . . . you guessed it. Harry was coffee klatsching with Dem consultant Joe Trippi and pollster Frank Luntz this morning, and it was the latter who first described Bill as a drag on Hillary's campaign. The issue was whether Clinton could stay in the race if she splits the Texas and Ohio primaries tomorrow.

JOE TRIPPI: I don't think she should get out if she wins Ohio and loses Texas but I think there will be pressure there.

FRANK LUNTZ: It didn't help her that her husband said that she's got to win both.


LUNTZ: Bill has been -- I feel sorry for him the night, if she does pull out, he should not be at the home in Chappaqua.

That's when a chuckling Smith put his foot in it, even providing the sound effects.

SMITH: Boink! There's a frying pan flying someplace.

Duck and cover, Harry!

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