I, Albright: First-Person Singular 20 Times in Pro-Hillary CNN Interview

What is it with these Hillary surrogates putting themselves in the limelight? Bill has famously turned the focus on himself, in effect giving Hillary's concession speech on a recent losing night and more recently exhorting people to elect "me."

Today it was Madeleine Albright's turn. Speaking with Wolf Blitzer on this afternoon's Situation Room ostensibly for purposes of promoting Hillary Clinton, Madame Secretary managed to use the "I" word 20 times in under four minutes. Throw in one "my" and another "myself" and that's more than a score of self references.

View edited video clip here.

Maybe it was just a way of revving up that Mexican-American vote Hillary's counting on in Texas: I, I, I!

Aside: Perhaps a bit defensive about CNN being called the "Clinton News Network," Wolf went out of his way at the end of the interview to say: "I just want to point out that yesterday we spent this time talking with Governor Janet Napolitano of Arizona. She's a supporter of Barack Obama."

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