'The Strained Scurrying of the Also-Ran'

If that sound isn't the fat lady clearing her throat, it might be the MSM humming Hillary's dirge. Consider, for example, ABC national political correspondent Jake Tapper's Good Morning America segment today on the differences in tone between the Obama and Clinton campaigns. After playing footage of an angry Hillary waving allegedly misleading Obama campaign literature and then of a relaxed Obama laughing it off, Tapper had this to say.

JAKE TAPPER: There's a difference between a winner's confident stride and the strained scurrying of the also-ran.

View video here.


Weekend anchor Kate Snow followed, opening her conversation with George Stephanopolous by describing "a darker mood" in camp Clinton and citing NY Times and WaPo articles that are very downbeat about Hillary's prospects. Snow mentioned that the WaPo article reported that supporters might urge her to withdraw if she doesn't win big on March 4th. "Could it be that she could get out?," asked Snow. Stephanopoulos: "I think there's quite a good chance of it."

After that kind of coverage, how'd you like to be a Clinton fundraiser picking up the phone today and trying to convince potential donors to pony up some cash?

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