MSNBC Cites Bozell Blast at NYT On McCain Hit Job

MSNBC has cited and discussed the press release issued today by Brent Bozell, President of NB's parent Media Research Center, excoriating the New York Times for its article on John McCain. The discussion came during the network's post-press conference analysis of McCain's appearance this morning.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Let me interrupt. This is interesting. Mika just handed me a Blackberry quote here. Chris Matthews, earlier this morning Tim Russert asked the question how would conservatives respond to this? Would they rally behind John McCain, against the New York Times, or would they go ahead and finish off John McCain? I've got this press release. Brent Bozell on the New York Times, quote, politically motivated hit job:
It is beyond appalling that the New York Times continues its steady slide into the journalistic toilet with such a spurious, and so patently motivated, hit job.

Scarborough stopped there, but the rest of the release reads: "A ten-year old piece of gossip, with no evidence whatsoever -- this is what qualifies for 'news' at this disgrace of a newspaper."

SCARBOROUGH: My point here Chris is, the conservatives, with Bozell and Hannity, appear to be siding with McCain. So does it help him politically?


CHRIS MATTHEWS: Everybody's going to general quarters right now, including Pat [Buchanan]. Brent Bozell's always on general quarters, let's face it. We're going to hear from Media Matters on this. Everybody goes to their battle stations on this.

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