Couric to Michelle O: Should It Be Older Hillary's Turn?

It's not about Katie Couric's liberal bias today; it's her sheer fatuousness. Couric has been accorded rare access for extended interviews with the women involved in the presidential race. MRC's Brent Baker has detailed how Couric squandered part of her interview of Hillary Clinton, aired on this past Sunday's 60 Minutes, on silly talk.

This morning's Early Show featured excerpts from Couric's interview of Michelle Obama. No huge headlines, but once again Couric wasted time with obvious and trivial questions. The CBS anchor literally apologized to Obama, for example, for posing the much-asked question of what her personal cause as First Lady would be [answer: the challenges mothers face in balancing work and family].

Then there was this.

KATIE COURIC: Your husband, and Hillary Clinton both represent historic firsts. He's 46; she's 60. What about voters who feel Senator Clinton won't have another chance, but your husband will?

What could Michelle say other than what she did?

MICHELLE OBAMA: You know, I just don't think you can make decisions on whose turn it is. You know, I think, for me, as a mother, a professional, a citizen, I want the person we need now, who's best for the country right now, and for me that person is Barack . . .

Then there was this cliche . . .

COURIC: Do you ever look at your husband, and does he ever look at you, and do you say "can you believe this?"

OBAMA: Oh yeah, yeah. It's probably once a week, now. Yeah, absolutely: this is a trip! It's a fascinating journey, it's been an amazing year. And every now and then when you can breathe you step back and go "wow, look at, look at this!" So yeah, absolutely.

To this NewsBuster's eye, Michelle Obama came across as much the more grounded and authentic of the two.

Mark Finkelstein
Mark Finkelstein
Mark Finkelstein is a contributing editor for NewsBusters.