Contessa, Closet Conservative?

I wouldn't want to create problems for Contessa Brewer [file photo]. But again today the spirited MSNBC anchor said something that made me wonder whether she might be a closeted conservative in the belly of the liberal beast.

Janet Huckabee, responding to Brewer's question on the possibility that her husband would withdraw from the presidential race, drew a contrast between the Romney and Huckabee campaigns.

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JANET HUCKABEE: Mr. Romney, he spent a lot of money, and he has an MBA from Harvard, for heaven's sakes; he could see that he spent $1.3 million [per] the delegates he's had. We haven't spent quite that much. So we're not going into debt; we haven't loaned the campaign any money, and we plan to go as long as we can, either run out of money or till someone gets the amount of delegates they need.

CONTESSA BREWER: Well maybe that sets a good example for the government in terms of fiscal responsibility.

HUCKABEE: I think it does!

This isn't the first time that Contessa said something that could be considered conservative. As I noted here, at the time of the VA Tech shootings she seemed to stick up for Second Amendment rights.

Sorry, Contessa. Hopefully the MSNBC honchos are too distracted with the Shuster situation to be policing their anchors' ad libs for signs of straying from liberal orthodoxy.

Bonus Coverage: Mike & Janet Huckabee -- World's Most Disciplined Couple

With all the speculation swirling that Huckabee might be shooting for the Veep slot, you'd think the couple might have discussed the possibility at some point. Nope.

BREWER: Let me ask you: your husband was asked about being vice-president, and he said nobody turns that down but that he hasn't been offered that job. Have you talked about the possibility that he might be asked to become a vice-presidential running mate?

HUCKABEE: You know, we really haven't because we both recognize that it's not up to us.

Remarkable restraint, wouldn't you say?

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