Mika's 'Worry': Obama Playing Into Clinton Strategy

Not that there was much doubt, but let's make it official: MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski is firmly in the Obama camp. The capper came during today's opening segment of Morning Joe. After Chris Matthews offered a plausible explanation for Obama's "present" votes in the Illinois senate, David Shuster used an apt metaphor to describe Barack's less-than-trenchant rhetorical style.

DAVID SHUSTER: It's in Barack Obama's interest to say it as sharply as you [Matthews] just did, and his inability to sort of navigate in these debates, like the giant aircraft carrier trying to make a turn. If he could make the point as simply as you just did he would be fine but the way he's trying to explain and defend everything, it's like a guy who skis down a hill who makes these wide, swooping turns, and after awhile, you know, that's not, you don't get down very fast that way.

That's when Mika made her allegiance unmistakable.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: I don't know. I actually thought he did well. Given the situation he's in, I thought he was in. It made him a little aggressive which makes me worry he's playing into a Clinton strategy.

Mika can surely see to it that her strategy suggestions get to Obama . . . via her father Zbigniew who's advising the candidate on foreign policy matters.

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